Engaging engineering students as partners in assessment

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Tuesday 30th January 2024
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Assessment Development to Enhance Student Engagement and Academic Integrity in Teaching Engineering Courses


Huaizhong Li, School of Engineering and Built Environment, Gold Coast campus, Griffith University, Australia


34th Australasian Association of Engineering Education Conference (AAEE2023), December 2023  


The paper was presented at the AAEE2023 Conference by Huaizhong Li from Griffith University’s School of Engineering and Built Environment. The paper explores assessment approaches to promote student engagement and to ensure academic integrity in teaching engineering courses. The assessment approach employed for the study was engaging students as partners.

The study includes a Student Negotiated Assessment, in which students are provided with opportunities to work as partners in learning and teaching, especially in assessment development. This involved student participating in two tasks: developing multiple-choice questions on selected topics and taking an online quiz with questions contributed by students. PebblePad was used as the design and reflection platform for the implementation.

Reflective feedback from students indicated overwhelmingly positive experiences, with many expressing that their involvement in assessment design significantly enhanced their learning and teaching. The study yielded favourable outcomes, including heightened academic integrity, enhanced reliability of assessment results, and overall positive student experiences.

Click here to view the research paper (PDF)


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