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Tuesday 27th February 2024
Rachel Ward
by: Rachel Ward

At PebblePad, we’re committed to improving your learning experience. Introducing Favourites: your shortcut to essential resources on PebblePad. Whether you’re an educator or a student, Favourites is designed to streamline your workflow and save you valuable time.

Effortless access with Favourites

Say goodbye to endless searches for resources and assets. With Favourites, you can mark your most important items and access them directly from your dashboard and the new Favourites Store tab. It’s your personalised shortcut to everything you need, conveniently located in one place.

New features to enhance your experience

Discover the Favourites store

Discover the all-new ‘Favourites’ store, your hub for accessing all your favourited items effortlessly.


Favourites tile on dashboard

Easily access favourites from your dashboard. Find your favourites and explore the new store directly from your dashboard with the newly added Favourites tile.


Simplified favouriting process

Mark any asset or resource as a favourite. Simply use the new ‘Favourite’ option in the ‘I want to’ menu.


Benefits for educators

Educators and learning designers are tasked with the responsibility of managing vast amounts of learning assets and resources across numerous cohorts and sets. Favourites makes finding the assets, resources and responses to update and map out courses across cohorts easier and much faster. 

Benefits for students

Students using PebblePad throughout the entire course of their learning journey (and beyond as an alumni) must navigate anything from 3 to 10 years’ worth of data! Favourites empowers students to easily access and manage their learning materials, enhance organisation, and save time, allowing them to focus more on their studies and personal pursuits.


Excited to dive into Favourites? These improvements are scheduled to be available to all customers as part of our February 2024 release. Please note that the updated dashboard will only be available for users using the default Pebble+ dashboard.

Get ready to unlock a new level of productivity with Favourites on PebblePad. You can see Favourites and other updates in action by registering for our March Showcase Webinar on 5 March 2024 at 2 PM GMT, 9 AM EST.

Picture of Rachel Ward
Rachel Ward

Rachel started at PebblePad 4 years ago, initially a software tester, Rachel has spent the last two years as a product manager, delivering great new features and and ensuring PebblePad users, whether learners, teachers or students get the most from the PebblePad experience.

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