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Career Readiness

Explore the student perspective on employability and discover our recommendations for universities.

PebblePad and Canvas Integration Guide

Are you an educator or senior stakeholder? Download this guide to get the low-down on how PebblePad and Canvas work together.

6 Ideas to Kickstart a Student-Centred Learning Strategy

Identify what student-centered learning means, how to implement it effectively and strategies for today's learners.

Medical Guide: Discover our Award-Winning Learning Journey Platform

Discover how medical schools can empower future-ready graduates with versatile technology.

Exploring High-Impact Practices with PebblePad

Explore global initiatives from integrated learning through ePortfolio, to service learning and internships with 10 case studies.

Teaching and Learning Priorities 2025

Uncover the ambitions and challenges for those supporting Higher Education learning and teaching over the next 3 years.

Redesigning Assessment Practices in an AI World

Discover how AI is impacting how we assess and evidence student learning with PebblePad's latest insights.

Adding Value in Every Step of the Journey

Add value at every step of the learning journey and discover real-life examples and insights for positive ROI and student success.

Discover our Award-Winning Learning Journey Platform

Discover why universities across the globe are viewing PebblePad as a core component of their learning ecology.