Discover our Award-Winning Learning Journey Platform

Discover why universities across the globe are viewing PebblePad as a core component of their learning ecology.

About the paper 

PebblePad’s Learning Journey Platform bridges the experiential learning and assessment gaps that other platforms can’t bridge. It’s why PebblePad is increasingly being viewed as a core component of digital learning ecosystems in universities across the globe, bolstering the LMS / VLE to provide a learning technology armoury capable of developing the whole learner across any learning context, at any scale. 

This paper offers 12 diverse examples of trailblazing educational practice from the PebblePad community, along with an overview of the evolution of ePortfolio. 

Highlights include: 

  • Higher education and the value of the learning journey platform. 
  • The evolution of pebblepad and ePortfolio. 
  • The anatomy of the pebblepad learning journey platform. 
  • Examples of pebblepad in practice. 



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