Webinar: Unlocking the power of Programme-wide Assessment in an AI World

Date: Tue 30 April, 2pm GMT or Tue 7 May, 2pm GMT (Register your interest now and be the first to be notified of the confirmed date).

Are you considering programme-wide assessment as way to transform your educational approach?

Join us for a customer webinar exploring the potential of programme-wide assessment approaches amidst the challenges posed by generative AI, while embracing the ambition for greater student empowerment and graduate employability.

With a spotlight on customer best practice, discover first-hand how programme-wide assessment can help navigate AI challenges, foster student-centred learning and drive success in today’s educational landscape.


Programme-wide assessment has long been a cornerstone of higher education, ensuring that professional programmes meet the rigorous competency requirements set by external accreditation bodies.

However, in today’s era of generative AI, educators across diverse disciplines are increasingly turning to programme-wide assessment not only to mitigate risks associated with traditional assessments but also to catalyse transformative shifts towards student-centered learning.

PebblePad has been at the forefront of this evolution for over two decades, empowering educators to design, build, and manage structured ePortfolios and workbooks. These resources capture student learning, skills, and competences, seamlessly aligning with professional frameworks across the spectrum of professional disciplines, including medicine, engineering, law, education, healthcare, and degree apprenticeships.

Furthermore, as competency-based education continues to evolve, the capabilities assessed have broadened beyond clinical and technical skills to include wider professional skills and attributes such as communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership skills—skills applicable across all disciplines.

What you can expect:

Join us for this webinar where you can expect:

  • Real-world examples of programme-wide assessment in action from our customer community.
  • Invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing a successful programme-wide assessment approach.
  • Learn how you can harness its full potential to drive positive outcomes for both educators and students alike.



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