Webinar: Authentic Assessment and Feedback

Programme-wide Assessment in an AI World

Are you considering programme-wide assessment as way to transform your educational approach?

This customer webinar explores the potential of programme-wide assessment approaches amidst the challenges posed by generative AI, while embracing the ambition for greater student empowerment and graduate employability.

With a spotlight on customer best practice, discover first-hand how programme-wide assessment can help navigate AI challenges, foster student-centred learning and drive success in today’s educational landscape.

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Programme-wide assessment has long been a cornerstone of higher education, ensuring that professional programmes meet the rigorous competency requirements set by external accreditation bodies.

However, in today’s era of generative AI, educators across diverse disciplines are increasingly turning to programme-wide assessment not only to mitigate risks associated with traditional assessments but also to catalyse transformative shifts towards student-centered learning.

PebblePad has been at the forefront of this evolution for over two decades, empowering educators to design, build, and manage structured ePortfolios and workbooks. These resources capture student learning, skills, and competences, seamlessly aligning with professional frameworks across the spectrum of professional disciplines, including medicine, engineering, law, education, healthcare, and degree apprenticeships


  • Welcome
    James Littlehales, Head of Customer Success Management, EMEA, PebblePad
  • Implementing programme-wide professionalism assessment
    Dr. Adelle Bowden, Assistant Professor in Clinical and Professional Skills, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, The University of Nottingham
  • Embedding reflection into assessment in Apprenticeships & MBA programmes
    Julie Rosborough, Principal Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University
  • Navigating the evolving landscape of medical education
    Professor Jennifer Hallam, Chair in Assessment and Educational Advancement, Deputy Head of Institute – Leeds Institute of Medical Education and Head of Assessment – School of Medicine, University of Leeds

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Dr Adelle Bowden

Assistant Professor in Clinical and Professional Skills, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

The University of Nottingham

Julie Rosborough

Principal Lecturer

Nottingham Trent University

Professor Jennifer Hallam

Chair in Assessment and Educational Advancement, Deputy Head of Institute- Leeds Institute of Medical Education, Head of Assessment- School of Medicine

School of Medicine, University of Leeds


Interview: Exploring the intersection of learning and AI


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