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High-impact practices in work-integrated learning

How can we leverage technology to enhance work-integrated learning experiences and provide more opportunities for students?


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The demand for work-integrated learning (WIL) is on the rise, particularly in countries like Canada and Australia, where WIL initiatives have gained traction as an integral component of higher education.

While the benefits of WIL are recognized globally, challenges persist in implementing and managing effective WIL programs, with varying levels of support in the UK and US.

Watch this on demand panel discussion tackling two key challenges; preparing and supporting students to maximize their WIL experiences and expanding opportunities to meet the growing demand for work-like experiences.

Our panel of experts, representing diverse perspectives from Canada, the United States, and the UK, will delve into innovative approaches and practical insights. Specifically, they’ll explore the role of high-impact practices such as ePortfolios in supporting WIL initiatives.


  • Welcome –  Vanessa Knox and Gail Ring, PebblePad
  • Student Support – ensuring pre-placement training, ongoing mentorship, and reflective opportunities to help students navigate the complexities of the workplace and derive maximum learning outcomes from their WIL experiences.
    Anne-Marie Fannon
  • High-Impact Practices. ePortfolios enable students to articulate their competencies and personal growth. They allow students to document real-world experiences, bridging the gap between classroom theory and practical application.
    Dr. Teresa A. Johnson
  • Increasing Opportunities – with the rise of virtual work and remote learning, the demand for virtual internships, simulations, and work-like experiences has never been greater.
    Anne-Marie Scott

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Anne-Marie Fannon

Director, Work-Learn Institute
University of Waterloo

Anne-Marie Scott

Education Consultant

Dr. Teresa A. Johnson

High-Impact Curriculum Expert Office of Academic Enrichment
The Ohio State University


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