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Monday 21st September 2020
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Published Paper Title:

The promise of PebblePad for dynamic learning. 


Kaminski, J. (2020)  


Canadian Journal of Nursing Informatics, 15(3)  – Click here to view the research paper (PDF)


The research on ePortfolios in nursing education provides insights into how these platforms can be leveraged for assessment, learning, credentialing, showcasing accomplishments, fostering reflective practice, and improving communication skills. For those interested in dynamic learning practices to enhance nursing education, this research serves as a valuable resource for implementing innovative and effective teaching and assessment strategies. 

Areas covered include: 

Assessment and Credentialing: The research highlights that ePortfolios can serve as assessment and credentialing tools in nursing education. EPortfolios can help assess students’ progress and readiness to enter the field, which is crucial for maintaining high educational standards and producing well-prepared nursing professionals. 

Learning Spaces: How ePortfolios can act as learning spaces where nursing students can collect and organize various artifacts, including practice journals and case study analyses. This aspect is essential for educators seeking innovative ways to engage students in active learning. EPortfolios provide an interactive platform for students to compile their work and engage in reflective practices, which can contribute to a deeper understanding of nursing concepts. 

Showcasing Accomplishments: The research suggests that ePortfolios allow students to create a comprehensive body of work that showcases their achievements over time. This is particularly valuable for nursing students preparing for graduation and entry into the professional workforce. Nursing education administrators and faculty can use ePortfolios as a means to help students present their qualifications and skills to potential employers, which enhances their career prospects. 

Promoting Reflective Practice: The role of ePortfolios in fostering reflective considerations among students is considered. This is a crucial skill in nursing, as it encourages students to think critically about their experiences and actions.  

Communication and Storytelling: The abstract mentions that ePortfolios can be used to construct and tell diverse stories to various audiences, including research funders. This is pertinent for individuals interested in nursing education as it emphasizes the importance of effective communication and storytelling in the field. It underscores the need to prepare nursing students not only with technical skills but also with the ability to communicate their experiences and knowledge effectively. 

 Click here to view the research paper (PDF)

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