Putting on a Show’ Non-Placement WIL in the Performing Arts

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Friday 19th June 2020
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Putting on a Show’ Non-Placement WIL in the Performing Arts: Documenting Professional Rehearsal And Performance Using Eportfolio Reflections 


Yeo, N. & Rowley, J. (2020)


 Journal of University Teaching & Learning Practice, 17(4).  Click here to view the research paper (PDF)


In this study, the researchers investigate the use of a student-created experiential narrative ePortfolio as a tool for reflective practice in Work-Integrated Learning (WIL). The research focuses on a case study in the performing arts, an area where WIL discussions and examples are limited.

The study introduces a circular mentoring framework that builds upon Kolb’s experiential learning model. This framework involves the exchange of roles through rehearsal and reflection, promoting learning. The participants in the study engaged in preparing and performing an opera in a professional setting during a five-day intensive creative studio period. This initiative, known as the 2017 and 2018 Inclusion Project, provided authentic industry-based experience to undergraduate music students in a closely monitored, non-placement WIL environment.

A total of 18 participants, enrolled in a semester-long elective course, documented their experiences through online journaling in an ePortfolio, creating narrative responses. Qualitative analysis of these ePortfolio reflections demonstrated a significant benefit in terms of the students’ career readiness as creative artists.

Click here to view the research paper (PDF)


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