Digital innovation in nursing and midwifery programs

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Wednesday 14th October 2020
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Large scale digital innovation in South Australian nursing and midwifery programs 


Brown, A. & Rooney, N. (2020)


Australian Nursing and Midwifery Journal, 27(1), p.46. Click here to view the research paper (PDF)


The university introduced the PebblePad platform in the Bachelor of Midwifery in early 2019 and later in the same year in the Bachelor of Nursing program. Prior to this implementation, nursing and midwifery programs in South Australia relied on paper-based records, which set them apart from other states.

Transitioning to an online learning platform was a complex endeavor, affecting around 3,500 students and 215 partner sites. This project involved venue support, extensive training at partner sites, resource development, and student support to ensure a smooth and positive transition for both students and staff.

The advantages of this system include real-time access to clinical experiences for university staff, enabling feedback mechanisms and fostering closer relationships with clinical venues, clinical staff, and students.

Click here to view the research paper (PDF)


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