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Murdoch University

Transforming nursing education with ePortfolios for remote clinical placements

This is a summary of the ePortfolio Case Study submitted to PebblePad’s ‘Charting New Courses in Learning and Teaching’ conference.
It focuses on the use of clinical eportfolios to support all aspects of placements, with video blogs  to encourage greater connection with students and deeper reflection.
Murdoch University, situated in Western Australia, significantly enhanced clinical practice learning for nursing students on remote placements using PebblePad’s Learning Journey Platform and video blogs (vlogs).

The ambition

Murdoch University, known for its diverse student body comprising over 23,000 students from 90 countries, faced a challenge in maintaining a strong connection with nursing students on remote clinical placements.

These placements, often in rural and remote areas, provided unique learning experiences but also isolated students from their support networks.

With up to 3000 km of travel required and unreliable internet connectivity, the university sought a solution to bridge the geographical gap and provide essential support for nursing students on rural and remote clinical placements.

The solution

To ensure remote nursing students were fully supported, Murdoch University leveraged the PebblePad platform.

While students had been using PebblePad for several years to record clinical competence, a new approach was introduced, and the university co-designed the integration of vlogs into the clinical eportfolios.

These vlogs replaced traditional written reflections, allowing students to create personalised, reflective content.

One of the most significant benefits was the increased pastoral support for students on remote clinical placements.

The vlogs allowed for more personal and immediate connections between students and their support network.

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