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University of Cumbria

Enhancing the effectiveness of personal tutoring


The University of Cumbria used the PebblePad platform to improve student engagement and achievement by supporting and enhancing the effectiveness of the university’s personal tutoring programme.

The ambition

Personal tutoring at the University of Cumbria plays a vital role in supporting students, particularly those who are first in their families to attend university or who belong to different diversity groups. Over time, personal tutoring sessions developed variously in terms of structure, style, formality, initiation, duration, location, and record-keeping. These inconsistencies risked students not receiving necessary support and not accessing personal tutoring services. The university wanted to address these inconsistencies and used this project to provide clarity, structure, and consistency to the programme, empowering personal tutors to deliver a better-supported experience for students.  

The solution

PebblePad was used to address the challenges posed by inconsistencies in the implementation of the personal tutoring programme. By introducing a standardised digital workbook, the university aimed to provide clarity, structure, and consistency to the programme. The platform enabled students to adjust to university life by fostering an approachable and accessible tutoring environment. It removed existing disjointed practices, empowering personal tutors to be more consistent in their approach. This, in turn, enabled greater confidence for personal tutors and provided students with a better personal tutoring experience, ensuring they received the support and guidance needed for a successful transition to university life.  

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