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Edge Hill University in the UK has harnessed PebblePad to help boost employability – empowering students to evidence and articulate their capabilities throughout their studies and beyond.

The ambition

Preparing students for the world of work is an important goal for any University, and the team at Edge Hill University in Lancashire recognised that while students had the knowledge and skills needed for work, they often struggled to effectively evidence them.

Universities are always looking to boost employability, but for Becka Colley-Foster, Head of Careers at Edge Hill, it’s all about effectively demonstrating the employability of graduates, rather than the employment itself.

In order to develop highly-skilled and sought-after graduates, Becka was looking for a way to embed employability into the curriculum – giving students the opportunity to think about, and gain confidence in, the skills needed for work, right from the very start of their learning journey.

The solution

PebblePad helped Edge Hill University to deliver an institution-wide employability programme, centred around a powerful Graduate Attributes Workbook, helping students build the key skills needed for work.

The Workbook highlights 20 transferrable skills that are sought after by many employers, regardless of career sector.

These attributes are broken down into four categories, including core skills, conceptualising skills, people skills, and personal attributes.

Quote from Becka Colley-Foster from Edge Hill - "Whilst UK institutions are measured on their ability to get their graduates into highly skilled employment, what we are in, is a business of life-long learning and life-long success, and that doesn’t just happen immediately after graduation."

PebblePad has played a crucial role in helping bolster Edge Hill’s industry leading employability credentials, helping students navigate, make sense of and reflect on their learning and skills, throughout their studies and beyond, into work.

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