PebblePad launches toolkit that makes meaningful assessment more effective

Wednesday 15th June 2022

Birmingham, 15th June, 2022  –  PebblePad, the award-winning Learning Journey Platform, has today announced a new and enhanced Submission Viewer, which is available for free for all PebblePad customers. With millions of student submissions flowing through PebblePad each year, this latest product release concludes investment in 13 tools that support a raft of assessment practices and make the processes of assessment easier.

Giving personal, meaningful and timely feedback and grades is one of higher education’s biggest challenges. To outpace the challenges to assessment, assessors must invest more than just time into reviewing student submissions. Having a suite of specialised tools allows assessors to work smarter to ensure their efforts are maximised for contributing to the development of the learning experience.

To develop the tool, the PebblePad team listened to customer feedback which asks for consistent, powerful and user-friendly tools. We’re proud to have combined all of these into Submission Viewer 2 which brings the following features to all users and assessors alike bolster the assessment capacity and workflow for all assessors, whether university educators, external assessors supporting students in the workplace or on placement, or peer reviewers learning. 


The interface

• Feedback, Grades & Comments Sidebar – all in one, convenient place
• AT-Nav – quickly switch between student submissions



• Assessor Fields – assess contextually, directly within a workbook page
• Feedback Templates, Statements and Instructions – handy tools to make feedback flow


Review and approve

• Capabilities – create discussion around indicators of skill development
• Approval – three tier, traffic-light systems for if learners meet a set of requirements


Validate and verify

• Verification – confirm student has met set criteria
• Progress Tracking – identify student status
• Scorecards – allocate marks to different components within an assessment


We know that the pressure to deliver a digital learning experience is higher than ever before. As we recover from the effects of the pandemic, burnout for staff and students is very real. Solutions for effective learning need to not come with a burden on time, effort and skills.

Most students also seek to develop their employability alongside their studies. One way to achieve this is to have on-going or continuous assessment of a student’s capabilities, alongside the evidence they share to demonstrate their development. Submission Viewer includes two key features around Capability Approvals and Capability Comments which means assessors can make direct assessments of an individual’s developing skills.

Shane Sutherland, CEO and Founder at PebblePad, comments: “Our latest research found that seven in ten (71%) of educators think that the next three years will also bring about a significant change in the way they approach measurement and assessment. The foundations laid by our technology are in place to ensure that as approaches to assessment are underway, we can provide a solid platform that meets the needs of students, educators and assessors. As assessment practices evolve, they have the potential to become more complex – we help reduce that with innovative tools like our Feedback Statements and Templates.” 


About PebblePad

Founded in 2004, PebblePad is an award-winning Learning Journey Platform, designed to help learners, wherever they are learning (at study, work or play), develop, shape, and share their unique skills and attributes in an ever more competitive world. It’s why PebblePad is fast becoming an integral part of Higher Education institutions’ digital ecosystems across the globe.


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