PebblePad launches digital wellbeing toolkit for higher ed students and staff

Wednesday 15th June 2022

Birmingham, 15th June, 2022  –  PebblePad, the award-winning Learning Journey Platform, is developing a flexible and accessible digital toolkit designed to help students and staff take a proactive approach to managing their wellbeing. The resource, provided free to all PebblePad customers, was announced at PebblePad’s EMEA customer event in Birmingham today.

PebblePad’s digital wellbeing resource has been designed in conjunction with Alexandra Fusco, an experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist, wellbeing and life coach and educator. It will be integrated in PebblePad’s online learning environment for student-centred learning, which is already being used by more than 150 institutions across the world.

The new toolkit will consist of an interactive digital workbook with three key themes: managing overwhelm, self-care and resilience. Students are asked to think around the ideas introduced in the digital workbook and to complete activities that can be recorded in a   ‘wellbeing blog’. The resource is designed so that it can be used in many ways, either as a series of stand-alone resources, or a full ‘learning journey’ workbook. Students can keep their work private, in their PebblePad asset store, or share their thoughts and progress with educators and peers.

The resource has been designed by PebblePad’s brand new Learning Services team – which has been set up to provide enhanced services, including Learning Design, and support to PebblePad’s global customers. This new launch reflects PebblePad’s long-term vision of leading student-centred learning practices with thoughtful products developed around the needs of our unique user base.

Shane Sutherland, CEO & Founder, at PebblePad says: “After the turbulence of the Covid-19 pandemic, student and staff mental health and wider questions of wellbeing have dominated the media, caught the attention of government, and are now well established on the sector’s agenda. In response, our customers have asked for flexible wellbeing resources within PebblePad, which can be used to meet the individual needs of their students – and this new toolkit delivers just that. We look forward to working with our global community of customers to further refine and shape the tools.”


About PebblePad

Founded in 2004, PebblePad is an award-winning Learning Journey Platform, designed to help learners, wherever they are learning (at study, work or play), develop, shape, and share their unique skills and attributes in an ever more competitive world. It’s why PebblePad is fast becoming an integral part of Higher Education institutions’ digital ecosystems across the globe.


About Alexandra

Alexandra Fusco (She/her) is an experienced psychodynamic psychotherapist, educator and life/wellbeing coach. She trained as a psychotherapist at The Ashburn Clinic in New Zealand, is a certified life/wellbeing coach and also has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education.


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