CIPA Partners with PebblePad to Enhance Professional Development

Thursday 9th May 2024
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09 May 2024 – PebblePad, the Learning Journey Platform, is thrilled to announce its partnership with the esteemed Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA), a prestigious professional body representing patent attorneys in the UK. This exciting collaboration marks a significant step forward in empowering CIPA members with innovative reflective practices to enrich their professional development journey.

Established in 1882, CIPA stands as the foremost professional and examining body for patent attorneys in the UK, boasting a diverse membership of over 4,600 dedicated professionals. The recent regulatory changes mandating Patent Attorneys to embrace reflection as a cornerstone of their ongoing competence have spurred CIPA’s quest for a cutting-edge platform partner.

Lee Davies, CEO of CIPA, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Our members are poised for a transformative learning experience as we transition our courses and training programmes onto PebblePad. With PebblePad’s intuitive reflective practice ethos and robust capabilities for planning, recording, and sharing professional learning, we are embarking on a learning journey with a forward-thinking partner at the forefront of educational innovation.”

The decision to integrate PebblePad into CIPA’s educational framework underscores CIPA’s commitment to providing its members with a dedicated ePortfolio for recording and reflecting on learning and development. With recent changes in regulatory requirements mandating patent attorneys to reflect on their learning and evaluate how it contributes to their professional development, CIPA recognised the need for an advanced platform to facilitate this process effectively.

Explaining the choice of PebblePad, Davies highlighted, “PebblePad goes beyond traditional reflective practice by enabling members to capture, evidence, and map their learning to different competencies in one centralised platform.”

Key elements of PebblePad’s platform that CIPA will leverage include a reflective workbook, structured reflections, and a dedicated learning space to consolidate experiences from various training environments. Regulators will have the opportunity to sample workbooks to understand and accredit continuing professional competence (CPC).

Shane Sutherland, CEO of PebblePad, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “CIPA is at the forefront of supporting its members with continuous professional competence. Lee Davies and the team’s profound understanding of the importance and benefits of reflection align perfectly with PebblePad’s mission to empower learners to record both planned and serendipitous learning experiences. We look forward to delivering an unparalleled learning experience for CIPA members and supporting them in achieving their professional goals.”


About CIPA

The Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) is the professional and examining body for patent attorneys in the UK. Established in 1882, CIPA represents over 4,600 patent attorneys, trainee patent attorneys, patent paralegals, barristers, and other IP professionals.

About PebblePad

PebblePad stands at the forefront as a leading online Learning Journey Platform dedicated to empowering educators to deliver student-centered learning experiences and nurture future-ready graduates. Beyond its role as a robust ePortfolio platform, PebblePad offers sophisticated tools to support a diverse range of teaching and learning processes. Addressing gaps in integrative and experiential learning & assessment that traditional Learning Management Systems and ePortfolios cannot bridge, PebblePad’s unique set of feedback and assessment capabilities further enriches its feature set. The platform is successfully transforming the learning landscape at universities worldwide, including more than 30 of the top-ranked global universities.




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