Selkirk College Elevates Student Success with PebblePad

Wednesday 24th April 2024
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British Columbia – April 24, 2024

In a significant move to elevate student success beyond graduation, Selkirk College introduces PebblePad, the learning journey platform designed to empower students from pre-enrollment through post-graduation and beyond. The introduction of the PebblePad platform aligns with Selkirk College’s commitment to providing lifelong learning opportunities and a student-centred approach to teaching.

PebblePad serves as an innovative bridge between traditional classrooms and real-world experiences, allowing students to curate dynamic digital portfolios showcasing their skills, accomplishments, experiences, and reflections. Tailored to align seamlessly with the career-focused ethos of college programs across all campuses, PebblePad is readily accessible to instructors eager to integrate this powerful learning tool into their teaching methodologies.

Tyler Ballam, an education developer with Selkirk College’s Teaching & Learning Centre, highlights PebblePad as a transformative digital solution benefiting both students and instructors. He remarks, “The platform heralds a dynamic shift in teaching approaches, particularly advantageous for courses and programs aiming for a more student-centered and student-driven learning environment.”

PebblePad facilitates comprehensive learning design, goal-setting, reflective learning practices, artifact curation, outcome showcasing, as well as assessment and feedback mechanisms. Following extensive research and a successful one-year pilot involving students and instructors, Selkirk College has secured an institutional license, ensuring PebblePad’s availability to educators across all programs.

Becky Deane, an instructor in the Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE) Program, has been an integral part of the pilot project since August 2022. She attests to PebblePad’s potential benefits for students, emphasizing its portability as a key advantage. Students can leverage PebblePad not only during their time at Selkirk College but also as they transition to other institutions or embark on their careers.

Deane underscores the platform’s post-graduation utility, stating, “It enhances accessibility and robustness. After completing our program, students retain access to PebblePad, enabling them to continue adding to it and developing in any direction they choose.”

PebblePad serves as a powerful tool for students to showcase the skills they’ve honed in practical settings, making it an invaluable asset for programs with external assessments. Deane notes, “It effectively highlights student achievements and provides instructors with easier access to ongoing student work.”

PebblePad CEO, Shane Sutherland said, “I am delighted to welcome Selkirks’ educators and students to PebblePad. Selkirk is renowned for its supportive environment and community ties, aligning perfectly with our platform’s mission. With PebblePad, Selkirk’s students can now create dynamic digital portfolios showcasing their skills and experiences, bridging classroom learning with real-world success.”

Learn more on the Selkirk College website.

About PebblePad

PebblePad stands at the forefront as a leading online Learning Journey Platform dedicated to empowering educators to deliver student-centered learning experiences and nurture future-ready graduates. Beyond its role as a robust eportfolio platform, PebblePad offers sophisticated tools to support a diverse range of teaching and learning processes. Addressing gaps in integrative and experiential learning & assessment that traditional Learning Management Systems and ePortfolios cannot bridge, PebblePad’s unique set of feedback and assessment capabilities further enriches its feature set. The platform is successfully transforming the learning landscape at universities worldwide, including more than 30 of the top-ranked global universities.



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