Assessing first-year equity with CEWE ePortfolio

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Thursday 19th October 2023
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We’re thrilled to announce the publication of research from Portland State University called “Using an ePortfolio to Evaluate First-Year Students’ Equity-Minded Learning and Campus Belonging.” The research investigates the impact of using ePortfolios on first-year students’ understanding of equity-mindedness.

This research, written by Óscar Fernández and Andrew F. Laurence from Portland State University, along with Melissa Shaquid Pirie and Gail Ring from PebblePad, is published in the AAC&U International Journal of ePortfolio (Volume 13, Number 1, 2023).

Check out the paper for insights into evaluating equity-minded learning and improving the sense of belonging for first-year students. Click here to view the research paper (PDF)


The research is relevant and useful for individuals responsible for student success and well-being for the following reasons: 

Promoting equity-mindedness

The research investigates the impact of using ePortfolios on first-year students’ understanding of equity-mindedness. It suggests that ePortfolios can help students develop a more nuanced understanding of equality and equity, which is crucial in creating an inclusive and fair educational environment.  

Awareness of campus resources

The study reveals that students using ePortfolios were surprised by the variety of on-campus resources available. This information can be valuable for those responsible for student success, as it highlights the importance of making students aware of the support and resources available to them. 

Impact on campus belonging

The research suggests that using ePortfolios allows students to identify inclusion and exclusion experiences on campus based on their social identities. This underscores the significance of addressing issues related to diversity and inclusion on campus.  

Development of self-reflection skills

The research indicates that the equity-minded ePortfolio framework enhances students’ capacity for self-reflection. This is an important skill for student success, as self-reflection can lead to personal and academic growth. Educators and administrators can use these insights to incorporate self-reflective practices into their programs and curricula. 

In summary, this research demonstrates that using ePortfolios in the context of first-year student experiences can positively impact students’ understanding of equity-mindedness, awareness of campus resources, campus belonging, and self-reflection skills.  


Title – Portland State University – Leveraging a Campus Equity Walkthrough Evaluation (CEWE) ePortfolio to Assess First-Year Students’ Equity-Minded Learning and Campus Belonging 


Óscar Fernández and Andrew F. Laurence, Portland State University 

Melissa Shaquid Pirie and Gail Ring, PebblePad 


AAC&U International Journal of ePortfolio, Volume 13, Number 1, 2023  

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