Release Notes

At PebblePad, our dedicated team is committed to enhancing our platform continuously, aiming to create a resilient and user-friendly experience for you and your team. We are thrilled about the upcoming additions to our platform in 2024! 🎉

This article will serve as a dynamic repository, providing you with an ever-expanding list of the noteworthy features and improvements we release month after month throughout the year.

Let’s explore the exciting developments together!

January 2024.1

New releases

Submission versioning

We’re thrilled to announce the release of a new feature—Submission versioning, an alternative to ‘lock on submission’, designed to capture a version of a learner’s submission for assessment and accreditation. To understand the difference between lock on submission, Submission versioning and pauses please visit our [help].

What’s changing?

Changes for educators:

A new submission versioning option in the create/edit assignment page. See Image 1
For a single assignment, the new option appears below the Submission Viewer type.
For multiple assignments, the new option appears below the assignment information section.

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