PebblePad and Canvas Integration Guide

About the guide Want to help learners plan, make sense of, reflect on, and evidence their experiences and achievements across the entire learning journey? PebblePad helps Canvas universities move beyond the traditional LMS structure.   If you’re an educator or senior stakeholder in Higher Education, this guide will give you a low-down on how PebblePad […]

Discover our Award-Winning Learning Journey Platform

About the paper  PebblePad’s Learning Journey Platform bridges the experiential learning and assessment gaps that other platforms can’t bridge. It’s why PebblePad is increasingly being viewed as a core component of digital learning ecosystems in universities across the globe, bolstering the LMS / VLE to provide a learning technology armoury capable of developing the whole […]

ePortfolio Features and Functionality Checklist

About the guide  Our ultimate guide to the PebblePad suite of features and tools – organised by learning and assessment ambitions and by our powerful, customisable tools. If you’re looking for help scoping out the requirements and must-have features for your new ePortfolio platform, then this is absolutely the guide for you.  Highlights include: Using […]

The PebblePad Implementation Toolkit

About the toolkit This toolkit is based on 15 years’ experience of successful implementations.  The cards within this toolkit are designed to support successful large scale PebblePad implementation. Even on a smaller scale, the questions, prompts and activities will help aid your success.  Highlights include:  Vision and scoping.   Planning and designing.   Implementing and […]


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