PebblePad announces ground-breaking global study on AI in higher education

Tuesday 6th June 2023

Birmingham, 6 June 2023: PebblePad, the Learning Journey Platform, is pleased to announce its ongoing work on a pioneering global study focused on the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Higher Education (HE). This ground-breaking initiative was unveiled at PebblePad’s annual UK user conference, showcasing the company’s commitment to driving innovation in the education sector.

The transformative power of AI in higher education is undeniable, and universities worldwide are actively exploring ways to harness its potential. Recognising the importance of navigating this transformative landscape, PebblePad has embarked on a comprehensive study aimed at helping institutions embrace AI effectively and ethically.

To date, PebblePad has surveyed more 1,500 students from various academic disciplines and geographical regions, gathering valuable insights into their experiences and expectations regarding AI in education. Now, the company is extending its reach to educators, encouraging them to contribute their perspectives and expertise to the study.

The outcome of this ambitious research endeavour will be an instructional report designed to provide universities with practical advice and guidance on optimising the use of AI in their educational practices. The report will cover a wide range of areas, including:

  • The role of AI-powered personalised learning experiences
  • Incorporating intelligent assessment and feedback mechanisms
  • Ethical considerations and privacy concerns in AI adoption
  • AI-supported administrative processes and efficiency improvements
  • Future trends and implications of AI in Higher education

PebblePad invites educators, administrators, managers and other stakeholders in the Higher Education community to participate in the study by sharing their insights and experiences. By contributing to this global dialogue, individuals can help shape the future of AI in education and contribute to the development of best practices that benefit both students and institutions.

To participate in the study and have your say, please visit Survey – Generative AI Tools in Higher Education (

“We believe that AI has the potential to enhance some teaching and learning practices in HE, but it must be approached thoughtfully and responsibly, combining advancements in technology with the significant expertise of a talented and extremely valuable workforce” said Kenny Nicholl, Chief Operating Officer at PebblePad. “Through this study, we aim to empower universities with actionable insights and practical advice, enabling them to leverage AI effectively in their teaching, learning and administrative processes.”

PebblePad remains dedicated to advancing the field of educational technology and supporting institutions as they navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. The findings from this global study will not only shape future product development but will also serve as a valuable resource for universities seeking to maximise the benefits of AI while ensuring the best educational outcomes for their students.

 About PebblePad 

Founded in 2004, PebblePad is an award-winning online Learning Journey Platform designed to help educators deliver student-centred learning. Extending the powerful features of an eportfolio with sophisticated tools for supporting diverse teaching and learning processes, PebblePad helps bridge the experiential learning & assessment gaps that Learning Management Systems can’t reach. A unique set of feedback and assessment capabilities rounds out the feature set. PebblePad is successfully transforming learning at universities around the world, including more than 30 of the top ranked global universities.


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