Webinar: Enhancing Career-Readiness in Higher Education

How we can better prepare students for the world of work by embedding employability into the curriculum.


Hosted in Australia, this webinar took place on 1st November 2023.

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Webinar details

In this Universities Accord year, and with rising expectations from students, parents, employers and governing bodies, how can institutions successfully incorporate employability into higher education?

Join us for a panel discussion as we explore ways to support students who are identifying their career path. This is particularly important for students who are taking what are often referred to as ‘generalist’ courses, where the career path is not always immediately clear.

Our panellists will discuss elements of effective approaches to embedding employability equitably through curricula, authentic assessment and co-curricular programs, and suggest ways to support students to recognise, evidence and articulate their transferable skill development.


  • Welcome – Alison Poot, Senior Director, PebblePad
  • The importance of equitably embedding employability generally, and career development learning specifically, in core curriculum from first to final year – Professor Sally Kift, Australian Learning & Teaching Fellows
  • Enabling students to reflect on their diverse experiences so they can identify, articulate and apply their skills and knowledge at university and in the workplace – Gayle Brent, Griffith Sciences
  • Authentic Assessment benefits for promoting student employability and the power of the peer – Professor Mickael Sankey, Charles Darwin University


Professor Sally Kift, President, Australian Learning & Teaching Fellows (ALTF), Vice Chancellor’s Fellow, Victoria University, Adjunct Professor: JCU, QUT, La Trobe University

Professor Michael Sankey, Director Learning Futures and Lead Education Architect, Charles Darwin University

Gayle Brent, Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy (SFHEA), Learning and Teaching Consultant (Employability) Griffith Sciences |Griffith University

Key learnings

During this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Effective and equitable approaches for embedding employability strategies.
  • The importance of empowering students to develop their professional identity by aligning their experiences, skills and capabilities with industry expectations.
  • How authentic assessment methods can promote student employability by mirroring professional tasks and responsibilities.
  • How students working together to solve real world issues can prepare them for the workforce.



Guest Speakers

Professor Sally Kift

President, Australian Learning & Teaching Fellows (ALTF), Vice Chancellor’s Fellow

Professor Michael Sankey

Director Learning Futures and Lead Education Architect
Charles Darwin University

Gayle Brent

Senior Fellow Higher Education Academy (SFHEA), Learning and Teaching Consultant (Employability)
Griffith Science, Griffith University

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