Students as co-creators of their learning assessment (SLICCs)

The student’s role in co-creation of their own learning outcomes and assessment



Webinar Details

Co-creation and active learner involvement in the design and development of education are gaining momentum in educational practice and research. In this webinar, you will hear from international experts at The University of Edinburgh, The University of Waterloo in Canada and Cardiff University as they share their experiences pioneering co-created and student-centred courses.

Simon Riley and Dr Gavin McCabe from The University of Edinburgh, Katherine Lithgow from The University of Waterloo, and Carol Evans from Cardiff University will be the subject matter experts for this webinar.

Webinar Highlights

  • A framework for co-creation – how to facilitate agentic engagement, self-regulation and assessment literacy
  • A practical learning design – Student-led, Individually-Created Courses (SLICCs).  Two examples from the University of Edinburgh (UK) and the University of Waterloo (Canada)
  • Building community and capacity – supporting instructors and students in the processes of making co-creation a reality

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Simon Riley

Professor of Experiential Student Learning
University of Edinburgh

Katherine Lithgow

CTE Liaison 
University of Waterloo

Carol Evans

Honorary Professor 
Cardiff University

Dr Gavin McCabe

Careers and Employability Manager
University of Edinburgh


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