Professional portfolios: Unlocking success in midwifery education

Using Portfolios to Enhance Teaching and Learning in Midwifery

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In midwifery education, the need for substantial workplace-based assessment during clinical placements can provide very real challenges. The recording and tracking of experiences that must be attributed against individual patients, as well as counting towards cumulative totals, can be an administrative burden and provide difficulties for students.

More and more, midwifery educators are turning to the online space to support teaching, learning and authentic assessment. In particular, the recording of student experiences and achievements, and the evidencing of registration standards, are increasingly being supported with eportfolios. Such an approach can also incorporate opportunities and space for reflection, clinical case studies and connecting theory-to-practice. 


In this webinar, invited presenters from three universities will demonstrate how an eportfolio approach is being used to facilitate the following processes in the Midwifery program:

  • The recording of Experiences and Continuity of Care episodes tracked against individuals
  • Clinical Placement, including hours tracking (using a shareable AMSAT template), and Competency Assessment Tool.
  • A whole-of-course approach with reporting analytics and research studies.

Our presenters will also facilitate discussion about some of the issues, challenges and benefits of engaging with eportfolios in Midwifery.

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Dr. Zoe Bradfield

Senior Lecturer and Midwifery Research Fellow
Curtin University

Dr. Angela Brown

Program Director in Bachelor of Midwifery
The University of South Australia

Dr. Julie Fleet

Senior Lecturer in Midwifery
The University of South Australia

Dr. Claire Davison

Adjunct Senior Lecturer
Edith Cowan University


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