Webinar: Flexible Learning Design

An introduction to PebblePad – the learning journey platform

An introduction to PebblePad – the learning journey platform




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It started with a vision to change the way that learning is designed, experienced and assessed.

Find out how PebblePad has evolved over the last 18 years in partnership with universities to take students from application to alumni and beyond.

Watch this 45 minute webinar for insights on Future Readiness, Professional Accreditation, Student Equity & Experiences, Authentic Assessment and more. 


Attendees can expect to take away concrete knowledge on how to:

See a student

  • Create a portfolio page
  • Record an experience on PebblePocket (our App) and use this to evidence a competency
  • Access and complete a workbook (a templated portfolio which universities can share with students)

See a Tutor

  • Create a template page and add this to a workbook
  • Access a student’s workbook to provide feedback and approvals

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Sam Blyth

Senior Director - Global Business Development

Claire Weir

Business Development Manager


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