PebbleVision -Welcome to PebbleVision & PebblePad

This video offers an introduction to our video channel, PebbleVision, and the PebblePad Learning Journey Platform.


Portfolios are still a huge part of the PebblePad toolkit. But it’s digital templates and workbooks, used to scaffold and guide learning which are really on the up across the globe. Add-in PebblePad’s integrated assessment and feedback capability and you get tools you just won’t find anywhere else. To help students and staff plan and prepare for learning, record and reflect on their experiences, and collect and curate evidence of their development.

Super useful for future ready learners who need to understand the why and evidence the how, where and when. It’s why we now refer to PebblePad as The Learning Journey Platform. So if you’re looking to support traditional portfolio practice, no problem! You can have your students up-and-running in no time.

Learners can easily create portfolios from scratch and connect to existing learning assets within and outside of PebblePad. Simple drag-and-drop functionality, and countless tools for customisation, allow students to share and showcase their individual stories. If you’re looking to provide more of a helping hand and scaffold the learning process, then templates and workbooks are the way to go. Educators and learning designers can quickly build individual templates using the intuitive interface, or build a digital workbook which houses multiple learning resources.

Fully customisable, shareable and reportable, you’ll quickly see why their use is on the up. And why our customers are winning awards for their implementation. And regardless of the learning design route you take you’ll find a range of ways to support feedback and authentic assessment. Watch the series and be inspired by the rather wonderful PebblePad community.



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