PebbleVision – Tutorial & meeting preparation

Using PebblePad templates to help everyone plan and prepare for f2f and online meetings.


We often hear tutors complain that students arrive for meetings not having thought about the questions they want to ask. And from students suggesting that tutors know very little about them or what they’ve been doing. This idea is inspired by the University of Birmingham, where over 30,000 students use PebblePad workbooks to plan and prepare for their tutorials, undertake activities and actions afterwards and access information to support their studies and their well-being. In the workbook, 3 tutorial meetings are structured with questions to be addressed during the meetings.

These are completed in advance. There are also activities where students introduce themselves, think about things like academic integrity and using feedback effectively. There are lots of other examples of this approach, including for dissertation, project and research supervision. This example is one we use ourselves to provide some structure around 1-2-1s we have with our young developers.

Where this is done at scale, like in Birmingham, large numbers of students can easily be organised into smaller groups that are private to just their own tutors, supervisors or managers.