PebbleVision – The flipped classroom

Ideas for structuring pre-class, in-class and post-class activities in a digital workbook.


One of the problems often encountered with flipped approaches is that students don’t keep up with the activities to allow them to make the most of the face to face learning.

This approach has been proven to increase student success across all activities.

This idea is inspired by colleagues from University of the Sunshine Coast.

They’re users approach across a range of courses in the school of health and sports sciences.

The workbook contains the structure for an entire course, which you might refer to as a module or topic It includes pre class readings, activities, reflections, and videos.

There are also activities to be completed during and after the face to face sessions.

The learners particularly value the inclusion of simple checklists that help them manage their own progress through the workbook.

This is also really useful for the course team who have access to the evolving workbook through the entire course. Allowing them to review progress, add feedback, and sign off completed work.

Another really important feature of this approach is that the workbook and its contents stay with the learner throughout the entire degree program and beyond. Meaning it can be referred to again and again as the learner encounters linked ideas, concepts, or skills.