PebbleVision – Student-led, individually-created courses (SLICCs)

Dr Gavin McCabe, University of Edinburgh

Dr Gavin McCabe from the University of Edinburgh talking about how PebblePad supports their innovative SLICCs initiative.


The flexibility and the structure of the platform is really allowed us to genuinely scale upand spread out our SLICCs initiative, and that’s been great to see.

For us, it’s the fact that it is through this framework, we now have hundreds of studentsevery year reflecting deeply and powerfully on experiential learning activity that theydefine.

Gathering insights and evidence as they go and in receiving academic credit. And for me,it’s really, a genuine privilege to be able to be part of that learning journey for our studentsthat they go through, see the growth that they experience and the impact that they have.

Yeah, I really enjoy within Atlas, the the sets for us that actually allows the the ability to todefine to define the groups and know who’s seeing, seeing what, to make sure people arenot exposed to stuff they don’t need to be exposed to, but as people overseeing it to beabout access to everything.