PebbleVision – Revision & self study

Engaging students by prompting them to prepare, question & challenge the content they are learning.


Simply consuming content may not deliver the best learning, or learners. Embedding content along with activities can – at the very least – cause students to dwell longer on the content and make sufficient sense of it to be able to distill the key points, reframe it for different audiences, or synthesise various viewpoints. This idea is inspired by La Trobe University, who embed short videos in their course workbooks. It contains a series of clinical cases presented alongside questions, which prompt the students to consider their understanding of the clinical condition and the steps they would take to treat the patient.

They can also evidence their understanding. In this simple example, a making sense template is shared with the students and can accompany a paper, a video, or a journal article. The range and complexity of the questions reflect the subject matter and the level of student. Bear in mind though, this is not a quiz.

The templates are simply there to present the kinds of questions that the activity designer thinks will help the learner make sense of the content. So how to make sure the students complete the activity? The templates can easily be set to automatically submit, and a pass can be awarded simply for completing a specified number, or random sample could be assessed and a score given based on that sample.