PebbleVision – Nursing at Murdoch University

Nursing Students at Murdoch University

Nursing students use PebblePad workbooks to scaffold and portfolios to record their learning experiences.


Hi, Marianne. Hi, Tamara.

Today, we’ve got David Hosco, a twenty two year old, mate who came to us after a motor vehicle accident. Okay. Should we go through his handover on PebblePad? Yeah. Sure.

We’ve got a twenty two What are the priorities of care by the emergency medical service staff? He bought that was really useful during my degree as it helped me become a self directed learner and really enhance my critical thinking. So we can hear that it’s patent because he’s talking to us. PebblePad make the case as seen as real life as possible. We’re able to link practices to theory, and that really helps us with our learning.

Here at Murdoch, we use PebblePad in a different format. We create resources for our students that can be used at the patient’s bedside.

They can do this at their own pace and then apply knowledge they learned through PebblePad direct to their patient care.

So we can see he’s got the seat belt bruising since the internal internal In his abdominal area always and, yeah, on his chest.

My online portfolio in PebblePad has allowed all the information throughout our degree to be in one place. So during my career, I’ll be able to draw on that.

PebblePad would be very useful when I graduate because it will provide a platform to maintain my competency requirements and also provide me access to what I researched during the degree.

The use of eportfolio in our nurse education training allows us to scaffold the students learning throughout their training, but it also allows the students to take ownership of their knowledge development throughout their degree.



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