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Supporting students in self-directed and content-intensive learning experiences.


For students who are working through lots of content, especially when some of it is independently chosen and sourced, it can be all too easy for them to miss opportunities to collect evidence of their learning and experiences. Prompting students to reflect on the impact of an activity, how it connects to other experiences, and how it may inform the journey ahead, allows them to go beyond simply recording disparate activities.

This idea can be adopted for any context, however in this example architecture students use a blog to document all of their learning activities including readings, drawings and models, field trips and photographs – and add reflections which help contextualise the creative design work they are producing.

To provide some structure or guidance a custom template can help students engage and record thoughts on their experiences that may otherwise be lost. If you want to understand how students are spending their time and focus, providing a simple table provides a quick and easy means of recording. Even more structure can be provided in the form of a semester-wide template for capturing details of work undertaken. In this example the hours are added and auto-summed to show how much time has been spent overall.



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