PebbleVision – Group simulation projects

Collaborative workbooks and portfolios to develop students’ professional and personal skills.


Being able to work effectively in a team and collaborate with peers and stakeholders is a key employability skill. Having the experience of working in a cross-disciplinary team, or a multi-faceted project, develops new perspectives and teamwork skills. This example from James Cook University simulates a workplace scenario of being on a project team with people from different disciplinary backgrounds, skills and perspectives. Their project is based on a real-world problem for which the team has to propose an effective solution.

The PebblePad workbook provides a space for students to plan their projects and is structured to provide guidance around the areas they need to consider, from project scope to risk management. Templates to support project meetings help students record and add evidence of their participation. And while the workbooks scaffolds the project planning the final portfolio allows students to collaborate on a showcase of their entire project effort, bringing in the content they feel is most relevant.