PebbleVision – Extra & co-curricular activity

Ideas to support learner engagement with optional or discretionary learning activities.


We see lots of examples of workbooks designed to augment the curriculum or to offer co or extra-curricular value. Learners can choose to undertake these standalone learning packages and the very design means they can be undertaken at a pace and place that suits each learner. Sometimes they can be aggregated and used to gain and accrue micro-credentials. This example is from Columbia University and is described as a career design workbook.

It guides students in thinking carefully about their career during a real-world internship. Activities within the workbook ask the students to think about their strengths, the needs of the industry they hope to move into, and to practice representing themselves both in written and video form. The beauty of this example is that professionals from across the institution – and beyond- can get involved in mentoring and supporting students. The permissions and privacy settings in our assessment engine, ATLAS, provide all the control needed to support both internal and external participants.

Indeed, there are currently over 100,000 experts from outside of universities helping support students’ learning and assessment.