PebbleVision – Enhancing practice-based learning

Using digital workbooks (containing scenarios and supporting theory) to underpin practice-based learning.


Practice-based learning is underpinned by an extensive knowledge base, a broad range of skills and adherence to a complex policy context that all need to be evidenced and performed in practice. Learners can sometimes feel overwhelmed with such a lot to make sense of, which is what makes this example from Southern Cross University, so useful. It uses portfolios to provide the contextual background to a series of individual cases which are presented across a range of theme-based workbooks to cover the entire curriculum. Learners engage with content – either within the workbook or linked from it – and then articulate their understanding and describe the actions they would take in practice.

Multiple overlapping case studies are delivered through this series of workbooks helping the learner make links between theory and practice which might otherwise appear siloed. In addition to providing valuable revision works to return to over time, and to refer to when on placement, the workbooks allow both the students and the course team to check on progress and provide feedback and support.