PebbleVision – Clinical case studies

Simulating real-world scenarios and clinical encounters using PebblePad digital workbook and templates.


In order to participate in placement-based learning students need to demonstrate a minimum level of competence. This approach prepares students for real-life clinical encounters with simple simulations that are engaged with prior to undertaking placements. They’ve also proven to be valuable where circumstances prevent some students undertaking or completing placements. This idea is inspired by the University of the Sunshine Coast, who created a simple cased based learning workbook for its paramedicine students.

In it multiple case studies are provided for students to work through. They can contain videos, audio files, images and other supporting documents that are embedded or linked to. Sometimes these are created as self-study workbooks and sometimes they are peer assessed by fellow students. This image is of student nurses at Murdoch University.

They spend two weeks on a simulation ward prior to placement. All of their simulations are contained within PebblePad workbooks that they access on computer screens alongside each patient. With both of these examples, not only do workbooks support the learners preparation for placement experiences, they also provide a rich reference of knowledge and application and an archive of learning that has taken place.



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