Navigating paramedic learner journeys and clinical diaries as CPD

Steve Poulton, Sheffield Hallam University

Steve Poulton from Sheffield Hallam University on ‘Learner Journeys’. This recording is from our 2022 MiniBash community event which was hosted in Birmingham, England. Videos are for educational personnel only and require a live educational email to watch. You can read the first 500 words of the video transcript below.


Yeah. Thanks for thanks for having me back along to give you a bit of an update. So I’ve got many hats, I am a registered paramedic with the ultra ambulance service.

I am Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam.

And two years ago, I took on another role working as the paramedic liaison for our regulatory body.

So I’m gonna take you on a very quick journey with my involvement within PebblePad, and it starts at the at the beginning when I was studying. It continues on through to my professional engagement as a qualified paramedic. And then we do a bit of a a circle. But this is seven years, and this will continue.

I can guarantee you on that. What colors I choose afterwards? I don’t know, but it will so you continue.

So seven years ago I made the decision to change career. Now I am biased.

I did ten years working within media communication, making documentaries, music videos, etcetera.

And then I actually was gonna be a paramedic at Hertfordshire back in the the mid to late nineties on one of the first courses, but I actually chose to pursue a different career. So seven years ago, I made a u-turn. Once I’d exhausted that media, I made a bit of a u-turn and went to go and be a paramedic.

At the time to become a paramedic, it was a two year diploma.

Luckily, it was fully funded. So I didn’t have to really pay anything and I got paid to go, so it was amazing. And this is really where PebblePad was first introduced to us. And it was a two years.

So in our first year, it was paperback. You know, so I remember the days of going out with a folder. Hoping no one spills a cup of tea on it, hoping no one puts any blood on it because it did sit in the back of the ambulance. It did get thrown off the ambulance on occasions.

You know, and when you’re trying to do that many hole punches in, you know, a bit of pay if it just becomes a nightmare. So Pebblepad got brought in at the beginning of our second year. So this is now our final year. So we had a year to get to grips with it.

Never shine away from creativity.

I could immediately see its potential.



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