From B3 to university-wide transformation: boosting employability

Becka Colley-Foster, Edge Hill University

Becka Colley-Foster, Head of Careers and Graduate Employability from Edge Hill University on ‘University-wide Initiatives’. This recording is from our 2022 MiniBash community event which was hosted in Birmingham, England. Videos are for educational personnel only and require a live educational email to watch. You can read a small snippet of the video transcript below. 


So, thank you very much for asking me to be involved today. I called it implementing B3 because I thought that would get everyone’s attention. But it’s really about how we use PebblePad to transform, what was a very simple self-reflect activity into an institutional wide approach and it was great to hear what Shane had to say at the beginning because that final slide of his, I reckon what we’re doing at Edge Hill hits at least 4 of those areas on there as an institution wide approach. 

So, before we get going then, and the impact of this is going to be lost because I should have sent Sarah my font, but I didn’t. So, yes, this is supposed to be Star Wars font. So, a long long time ago, excuse me, I’ve got a long COVID as well and I laughed too much last night, so my voice is probably going to give up. In a galaxy, far far away, I.e, Yorkshire, a skills and personal reflective activity developed called SaPRA because we couldn’t come up with a snappier name and I don’t have a rucksack to give people to do it. Its ultimate aim was world domination, but first it had to overcome the evil empire known as university bureaucracy, led by the stormtroopers of the public sector IT services. Let battle commence.  

So SaPRA version 1 was delivered in 2006, and I was trying to argue with Neil this morning about how long we’ve been using PebblePad for at Bradford, and it wasn’t from 2004, but it is almost as long as I have been a parent. My son was born in 2003. And the first version of SaPRA bearing in mind, this is the twenty first century, it was super high-tech. It was a paper workbook, but actually, it was really effective, and it went down really well with the students that we used it for. And Shane approached Bradford and we were early adopters of the technology. And version 2 was built in PebblePad and we love this. I remember discussing this with the learning technologists when we did it. Can you recognise the traffic lights on there Shane? You’ve got rid of the track lights. I love the traffic lights. So we no longer have traffic lights on there. 

So the whole process of SaPRA was that students reflect on their levels of confidence in a range of different skill areas on a scale of 1 to 5 and for those of you that can’t see the really slim text in that screenshot because I had to go back through my archives to find this. When they wrote themselves, they had a little number. And if they’ve done everything, if they drank themselves, they provided some evidence and they’d created an action plan because all of it was integrated. It gave them a green traffic light. If they’d done either an action plan or evidence, it was an amber light and if they’d done nothing it was red.  




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