Designing authentic ePortfolios with regulatory standards

John Baxter, University of Bradford

John Baxter, Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Studies from University of Bradford on ‘Using regulatory standards to design engaging, authentic ePortfolio assessment.’ He’s joined by Clare Kamara. This recording is from our 2023 MiniBash community event which was hosted in Birmingham, England. Videos are for educational personnel only and require a live educational email to watch. You can read a small snippet of the video transcript below. 


So my name’s John Baxter, and I am an associate professor. I wasn’t until last year and then the university restructured. Before that I was just a lecturer so I didn’t get promoted, it’s just what happened to me. PebblePad have managed to find a picture of me when I could see as well. Also, it’s quite nice for them to find something from ten years ago. So I’m a paramedic by background and I’m the program lead for the Paramedic Science degree in Huddersfield. Well, I live in Huddersfield but I work at Bradford as you can see there. 

I was asked to bring a student down with me. I have brought Claire sitting down here and she’s going to maybe answer some questions in a bit, but it’s fair to say I think I missold this event to Claire today as to what was really expected of her from what’s going to go on. So we’ll see.  

I have been to MiniBash before. Three years ago, I parked in the world’s most expensive car park over the road. If any of you are in there, we’ll see you with the vehicle clamps afterwards. I parked in that car park, I came down here and I said, oh, I’ve come to MiniBash. And they said, do you want to come and have a look around? And I said, oh yeah if that’s alright, that’s very kind of you. So they showed me upstairs, a big empty room. And she says, are you with PebblePad? I said, no I’m from Bradford. And she said, you know it’s next week, don’t you? So, although I’ve been here before, I’ve never been to MiniBash before. So things are going a lot better today so far, but technology could let me down. Although the car park’s even more expensive now. 

So this is the title of my assessment. The thing I’m going to talk about today is authentic assessment, it looks a bit of a boring title and anytime you mention regulation it puts people to sleep and obviously you do have your lunch in a minute. So I’ll try to race through it and not do that to you.  

Now, I’m the program leader of the sandwich degree at Bradford for the paramedic course. So a four-year degree and in the third year the students work on front-line ambulances. So they’re employed by Yorkshire Ambulance Service. It’s the only one in the country and it’s been really successful because the students have come out of the course really ready for work because they’ve already worked for a year and part of that, so that’s part of it.  

A lot of the assessment we do is authentic in our programme and we use lots of different types of assessment as you can see up there. I did have some slides on what authentic assessment is, but I took them out because I thought people before would talk about that but it’s not really being mentioned that that much today as to what it actually implies that it is.  




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