Digital Credentials

We’re excited to announce that digital credentials are now available for delegates of PebbleBash through our partnership with Credly. These badges recognize your contributions, highlighting your engagement with the PebblePad community at our international higher education conference, PebbleBash 2024.

Explorer Badge

Acknowledges participation in PebbleBash 2024 in Edinburgh. Attendees engaged with expert sessions, explored diverse PebblePad practices, and expanded cross-disciplinary knowledge. They networked with the community, shared innovative practices, and contributed to questions on the PebblePad roadmap, reflecting a commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Trailblazer Badge

Earned at PebbleBash 2024 in Edinburgh, this badge honors presenters who delivered keynotes, talks, ignite sessions, and panels, sharing insights on PebblePad’s educational applications. They explored practices like student belonging and authentic assessment, fostering community spirit and showcasing innovative practices in education.

Navigator Badge

Awarded at PebbleBash 2024 in Edinburgh, this badge acknowledges leaders who facilitated immersive 2-hour workshops, sharing insights and promoting pedagogical best practices. It honors their role in shaping PebblePad educational practices and enhancing their institution’s reputation through educational innovation.


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