Anthropology and PebblePad team up to support diversity, inclusion and equality initiatives

Thursday 13th January 2022

13th January 2022 – PebblePad and Anthropolicy Culture Brokers LLC has announced a strategic partnership, which will see Anthropolicy use PebblePad’s industry leading Learning Journey Platform to power its industry leading DE&I initiatives..

Anthropolicy Culture Brokers LLC, an Oregon-based human rights equity startup, approaches diversity, equity, and inclusion (de&i) as a matter of human rights that sets the cultural conditions necessary to shift individual and organizational behaviors towards equity.

Anthropolicy Culture Brokers offers catalyzing programs which advise, coach, and train organizations and wider communities to conceptualize and incorporate a values-based human-rights-oriented approach to de&i operational policy. Anthropolicy does this by shepherding experiences that actualizes client de&i values through human rights standards that bring much-needed clarity, integrate the work into a larger picture, and prompt community-based actions that can help make a real difference in the world.

PebblePad’s intuitive, easy-to-use, platform will help Anthropolicy clients undertake a thoughtful and thorough exploration of how human rights equity fits — or fails to fit — into their culture, while empowering them to make sense of experiences through storytelling and reflection.

Anthropolicy will harness PebblePad’s private and secure space for reflecting, analyzing and planning – benefitting from industry leading tools to help create rich records of their learning, experience and achievement. Anthropolicy is also harnessing templates (in-built and custom) and workbooks, as well as a creative suite of tools to help delegates express themselves and learn together. The company uses PebblePad’s assessment tool, ATLAS, to support rich, iterative and conversational styles of assessment and feedback.

PebblePad will also provide Anthropolicy with excellent reporting on outcomes, together with data driven feedback and assessment from clients – in order to develop and refine their services for the future.

Aaron Pina, founder of Anthropolicy commented: “PebblePad challenges the status quo on de&i by providing safe, secure virtual spaces to explore and move traditional de&i compliance training modules. PebblePad’s approach to learning deepens Anthropolicy’s human rights practice by iterative, authentic explorations that show change over time.

Shane Sutherland, CEO of PebblePad added: “Anthropolicy promotes a positive and empowering approach to helping businesses, families and communities promote Diversity, Inclusion and Equality. We’re delighted to play a part in its journey. Using PebblePad, Anthropolicy will be able to encourage and support active, authentic learning – providing a Learning Platform versatile enough to support varied learning and development activities and help deliver a first-class experience for delegates.”

About PebblePad

Founded in 2004, PebblePad is an award-winning Learning Journey Platform, designed to help learners, wherever they are learning (at study, work or play), develop, shape, and share their unique skills and attributes in an ever more competitive world. It’s why PebblePad is fast becoming an integral part of Higher Education institutions’ digital ecosystems across the globe.


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