Association of Learning Technology Conference 2023

PebblePad is a theme Sponsor of the ALT Conference 2023

Sponsor of the theme: Leading People in a time of complexity: How have individuals and teams driven change to solve complex and difficult problems?

Session Speaker: Paul Duvall, Head of Customer Success, UK & I

Session Title: Technology built for the complex aspirations of higher education.

Summary: How PebblePad is being used to help solve complex and difficult problems in the ever changing higher education landscape.

The ALT Annual Conference is the UK’s foremost conference for Learning Technologists and one of the largest conferences of its kind, attracting around 500 participants each year. This year, we are celebrating three decades since ALT was established in 1993 with our 30th annual conference.

This year’s conference theme, “Looking through the digital lens: 30 years of Leading People, Digital and Culture”, will celebrate our 30th anniversary and the phenomenal changes in the sector over this time.

The conference will critically examine the organisations and practices we work in through a digital lens, fostering a community of future leaders and innovators in the digital space, who come together to exchange ideas, collaborate, and drive change.

Community in this context also means thinking about what expertise is needed – well beyond the educational technology and technical expertise: organisational change leadership and management, business analysis, and the student voice.


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