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February 2024.2

Released TAQAS: 19 February 2024
Released Live: 29 February 2024 (1 March in Australia)

Possible downtime: 30 minutes

This month we are delighted to announce the Favourites release and several optimisations to improve accessibility and engagement. Don’t forget you can see the updates in action by registering for our March Showcase Webinar on 5 March 2024 at 2 PM GMT, 9 AM EST.

New releases

  • Favourites


  • Adding a new comment will be easier
  • Iconography (I want to…)


  • Alumni account creation

New release


Get ready for a more personalised and efficient PebblePad experience with Favourites. Now, you can easily access your most important resources and assets directly from the dashboard and Favourites Store!

With Favourites, you can mark your favourite PebblePad assets and resources, making them readily available on both your dashboard and in the new Favourites store tab. It’s a convenient way to keep all your essential items close at hand!

What’s changing?

Changes for all users:

  • New ‘Favourites’ Store: Introducing a new ‘Favourites’ store, where you can find all your newly favourited items conveniently located in one place. See image 1.
  • Streamlined Favouriting Process: Now, you can easily favourite any asset or resource from any store, including external ones like Dropbox and Google Drive, or even from within the assets and resources themselves. Simply use the new ‘Favourite’ option in the ‘I want to’ menu for a quick and effortless way to save your work. See image 2.

See the images below.


Image 1 – New ‘Favourites’ Store


Image 2 – Streamlined Favouriting Process

Changes for all users using the Pebble+ default dashboard:

On the Pebble+ dashboard page, you will see the following changes:

  • New Favourites Tile: Easily access your latest modified favourites and explore the new store directly from the dashboard with the newly added Favourites tile. See image 3.
  • Updated Activity Tile: The ‘What’s happening’ tile has been refreshed and renamed to ‘Activity’ and continues to link to the existing ‘What’s happening’ page.
  • Streamlined Access to Assets: To avoid confusion with duplicate workflows, the ‘View your assets’ link has been removed. Instead, you can continue to access your assets through the ‘Asset Store’ link on the dashboard or via the burger menu’s ‘Assets’ link.
  • Enhanced ‘Work On’ Tile: The ‘Work on’ tile now includes a link to the ‘Get creative’ page, while the ‘Get creative’ tile has been removed from the dashboard for a more streamlined experience.

See the image below.


Image 3 – New Favourites tile

Why did we make this change?

Ensuring you have easy access to your important resources and assets is key to staying organised and saving valuable time. Whether you’re a teacher, a curriculum designer, or a student, having a simple and efficient way to reach your work makes everything smoother and faster.



These improvements are currently scheduled to be available to all customers as part of our February 2024 release. Please note: the updated dashboard will only be available for those who have the Pebble+ default dashboard.


Making it easier to add new comments

In our ongoing effort to improve user experience, the Comments sidebar plays a crucial role in facilitating engagement between learners and educators. Following last month’s keyword search and sorting function, this month we’re optimising the placement of the ‘add comment’ feature.

What’s changing?

For all users

  • ‘Add comment’ Placement: The ‘Add comment’ feature has been relocated to the top of the sidebar for increased accessibility and prominence.
  • Streamlined interface: The interface resembles the Feedback sidebar for consistency.
  • Checkbox functionality: A new checkbox determines whether comments are added to the current page or to the overall asset, simplifying the commenting process.
  • Jumping to new comments: After submitting a comment, the interface will automatically scroll to the new comment, highlighting it for immediate engagement.

Why did we make this change?

We recognised the need to streamline comment navigation and participation. These optimisations aim to foster greater engagement while improving user productivity by eliminating manual scrolling and enhancing accessibility to commenting features.

See the image below.

Image 4 – Adding new comments


We’re currently enhancing the icons throughout our platform to make menus and actions easier to understand and more accessible for everyone. In our latest update, we’ve revamped the iconography in the ‘I want to’ menu, making it even simpler for you to navigate and find what you need. See image 5.

Image 5 – Iconography


  • We fixed an issue that stopped some users from being able to create alumni accounts from their email invite.
  • The Activate Region button will show for anyone with Create Region permissions.

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